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Workshop in Oils | Insamnia

  • Workshop in Oils | Insamnia

Workshop in Oils with Insamnia.
Sunday the 4th of February 12pm - 6pm
limited to 10 Spots.

Workshop in Oils - Hosted by Insamnia.

Students will be shown how Sam (@insamnia) works from reference and start a painting without the use of sketching with pencils to produce a study from start to finish with the use of underpainting to speed up the process. 

Each participant will be guided by Sam in producing a finished oil painting on canvas.

What will I learn?

You will learn Sams techniques - how to start a painting quickly and freely to produce paintings with mood and flow.  With a mixture of traditional techniques from the masters plus many years of experimentation, this style represents a new era of painting combining the old with the new. 

Who is this workshop suitable for?

From anyone who has never painted and would like to experiment with oil paint to people who have been painting for years but feel their work could us a new direction.

What is provided?

The Gallery will be supplying:

One Stretched canvas
A supply of brushes and Paints for the day

What do I need to bring?

If you want to bring your own paints, brushes and apron you’re welcome to do so.
If you would prefer to work on your own pre-stretched canvases that’s also fine. 

Special Instructions!

Please bring a charged phone or tablet of choice. A smock or apron or old clothes you are happy to get paint all over. 

We will start the day explaining our reference choice and go over all the materials we will use for the day then we will set up our palettes and learn everything from how much paint to put out to what colour to start with first. 

We will enjoy some short breaks for chats drinks and snacks, and a lunch break for everyone to take some time as they take in all the information and painting. 

Come and join a friendly, collective and encouraging learning environment. Connection to the Compendium art community and Artists and years worth of knowledge plus some great fun with oil paint!